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Design sprints

We get it. You want the right solution for your business problem today. You don't have time for endless debates and you don't want to waste money building something your customers don't really want.

Design sprints combine strategy and innovation. They enable product teams to zero in on the most important challenges they face, solve urgent problems and rapidly accelerate projects, completing what is potentially months of designing, prototyping, testing and learning in the space of a few days.

The 5-day process is used to quickly define problems, ideate solutions, then prototype and validate with real users. As the word sprint indicates, it's about getting results fast.

The Sprint

Day 01

Define, Map, Sketch

Day 1 is all about finding the right problem to focus on and discover multiple solutions to address it.

  • — Expert Interviews
  • — Define the problem
  • — Map customer journey
  • — Solution sketching

Entire Sprint team

The Sprint

Day 02

Solution voting and define prototype

Day 2 is where ther team surveys all the solutions, and through voting, arrive at the concepts to prototype.

  • — Heat map vote
  • — Solution Presentation
  • — Straw Poll vote
  • — Decider Vote
  • — User Test Flow
  • — Storyboard

Entire Sprint team

The Sprint

Day 03

Prototyping and schedule user tests

Day 3 is an intense day when the prototyper translates the storyboard into a living, breathing, clickable prototype.

The goal is to make the the prototype as high fidelity as possible so that the users feel like they're using a real product, or as close to it as possible.

Designer & Prototyper
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The Sprint

Day 04

Prototype user testing and feedback

Day 4 is a full day of user testing with a minimum of 5 pre-recruited participants.

Questions based on the Sprint Question, as well as other predefined questions, are asked, and testers are encouraged to think aloud as they’re using the protoype so we get candid feedback about their experience, their opinions and suggestions.

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